New Flash Fiction Books

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Disclaimer: Vestal Review does not have access to the books themselves but simply has received notice of publication. Though we do check with the publishers, that’s as far as we go.


Mehreen Ahmed
Mindfield Publishing, 2021
96 pp.

They Move Away Like Waves

Mehreen Ahmed
Impspired Magazine, 2022
272 pp.

Furtive Glimpses: Flash Fiction from The Arab World

Essam M. Al-Jassim
White Falcon Publishing, 2023
314 pp.

We Fade With Time

Mileva Anastasiadou
Alien Buddha Press, 2022
93 pp.


Amy Cipolla Barnes
Word West, 2022
142 pp.

Heart and Salt

Elaina Battista-Parsons
Vine Leaves Press, 2023
113 pp.

50 Give or Take Anthology #1

Jessica Bell and Elaina Battista-Parsons
Vine Leaves Press, 2021
380 pp.

50 Give or Take Anthology #2

Jessica Bell and Elaina Battista-Parsons
Vine Leaves Press, 2022
380 pp.

48 Blitz

Brett Biebel
Split/Lip Press 2020
148 pp.

Winter Dance Party

Brett Biebel
Alternating Current Press, 2023
151 pp.

In Rare Cases and Other Unfortunate Circumstances

Coleman Bigelow
Alien Buddha Press, 2023
51 pp.

Love at the End of the World

Lindy Biller
The Masters Review, 2023
52 pp.

Positive and Negative

Nick Black
Ad Hoc Fiction, 2022
152 pp.

The World in an Eye

Maroula Blades
Chapeltown Books, 2020
74 pp.

Bell and Light

Jessica Bonder
Galileo Press, 2020
23 pp.

Kahi and Lua:
Tales of the First and the Second

Melissa Llanes Brownlee
Alien Buddha Press, 2022
39 pp.

To Say Nothing of the Dog: Flash Fiction

James Roderick Burns
Cyberwit, 2023
153 pp.

The Potential of Radio and Rain

Myna Chang
CutBank Books, 2023
51 pp.

Morsels of Purple

Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar
Alien Buddha Press, 2021
150 pp.

The Fermi Paradox

Courtney Clute
Alien Buddha Press, 2022
51 pp.

Know The Mother

Desiree Cooper
Wayne State University Press, 2016
112 pp.

Now You See Him

Tim Craig
Ad Hoc Fiction, 2022
90 pp.

Heartland Calamitous

Michael Credico
Autumn House Press, 2020
128 pp.

Following the Current of My Ocean

Luísa D’Araujo
Chiado Books, 2021
186 pp.


Tommy Dean
Alternating Current Press, 2022
162 pp.

Cunning, Baffling, Powerful

Sean Ennis
Thirty West Publishing House, 2023
50 pp.


Adele Evershed
Alien Buddha Press, 2023
65 pp.

You’ll Never Find Another

Lydia Gwyn
Matter Press, 2021
95 pp.

Americana: Stories

Bill Hemmig
Read Friendly, 2023
110 pp.

The Evolution of Birds

Sara Hills
Ad Hoc Fiction, 2021
136 pp.

Small Moods

Shane Kowalski
Future Tense Books, 2022
154 pp.


Shalaka Kulkarni
Notion Press, 2021
160 pp.

Cooking Tips for the Demon-Haunted

Kathryn Kulpa
New Rivers Press, 2023
51 pp.

Acid in Georgia

Jasmine Ledesma
Bottlecap Press, 2023
32 pp.

Maybe This is What I Deserve

Tucker Leighty-Phillips
Split/Lip Press, 2023
48 pp.

Let Me Think: Stories

J. Robert Lennon
Graywolf Press, 2021
256 pp.


Christopher Linforth
Otis Books/Seismicity Editions, 2020
80 pp.

The Origin of Doubt

Nathan Alling Long
Press 53, 2018
150 pp.

Tender Cuts

Jayne Martin
Vine Leaves Press, 2019
89 pp.

Automatically Hip

John McCaffrey
Vine Leaves Press, 2022
105 pp.

Girls Who Don’t Cry

Mandira Pattnaik
Alien Buddha Press, 2023
77 pp.

Where We Set Our Easel

Mandira Pattnaik
Stanchion Books, 2023
40 pp.

Best Microfiction 2023

Meg Pokrass and Gary Fincke
Small Press Distribution, Baker & Taylor, Bertrams, 2023
208 pp.

Kissing the Monster Hunter

Meg Pokrass
Bamboo Dart Press, 2023
48 pp.

Spinning to Mars

Meg Pokrass
Blue Light Press, 2021
78 pp.

Dot And Other Flashes

Marzia Rahman
The Antonym Collection, 2023
68 pp.

If Not for You

Niles Reddick
Big Table, 2022
136 pp.

The Anchored World

Jasmine Sawers
Rose Metal Press, 2022
88 pp.

The Group of Seven Reimagined: Contemporary Stories Inspired by Historic Canadian Paintings

Karen Schauber, editor
Heritage House, 2019
112 pp.

What Are the Chances?

Robert Scotellaro
Press 53, 2020
134 pp.


Kathryn Silver-Hajo
ELJ Editions, 2023
76 pp.

Everything is Totally Fine

 Zac Smith
Muumuu House, 2022
152 pp.

Breaking Points

Chelsea Stickle
Black Lawrence Press, 2021
44 pp.

Everything’s Changing

Chelsea Stickle
Thirty West Publishing House, 2023
37 pp.

Blook Histories

Tara Stillions Whitehead
Galileo Press, 2021
32 pp.

How High? — That High

Diane Williams
Soho Press, 2021
128 pp.

Death, Desire, and Other Destinations

Tara Isabel Zambrano
Okay Donkey Press, 2020
200 pp.


Lucy Zhang
Harbor Review, 2022
eBook, no pagination


Lucy Zhang
Thirty West Publishing House, 2022
30 pp.