Issue 60

Cover art by Skye Volmar

Here’s our June issue in full,
with descriptions that all coincidentally begin with “a”:


a drinking dare gone on too long
a phone menu that’s all too helpful
a school fight that gets out of hand
a father who can never forget his son
a mother’s disapproval of emotional displays
a small-town event that’s not so small
a fatally missed romance
a shared cardiac incident
a suspicious exit from a building
a parent’s sad reflection after the babysitter leaves
a girl growing up who works on her quirks
a car ride that ends at the shore of memory
a wartime affair that’s never over
a daughter longing for a mother who’s not quite absent
a father who casts a long afterimage


a write-up of Tommy Dean’s Hollows
a commentary on Desiree Cooper’s Know the Mother


a lively exchange with Cheryl Pappas
a conversation with Maria S. Picone

As we hope the issue shows, we remain shamelessly eclectic, relying on a diversity of  talent that goes in far too many directions to categorize.

We’re grateful to our writers and our staff, as well as to all those who took a chance and submitted to our magazine. If you like what you see, that means you’re another invaluable resource: a reader! Please spread the word.

David Galef
Editor in Chief
Vestal Review


Crier by Paul Beckman

Watch What You Say to Sensitive People by Lisa Beebe

Gladiators by David Donovan

Ida’s Hunger by Dara Yen Elerath

My Father, My King by Melanie Faranello

Creation, Colorado by Stephen D. Gibson

A Change in Fortune by J. W. Goll

Quirks by CJ Julisch

Shrapnel by Eliot Li

So Began Outrage from Lifeless Things by David Luntz

A Toe Story by Will Musgrove

Weeping by Pamela Painter

Take Me Somewhere Nice by Vincent Rendoni

Air Raid by Donna Shanley

Seek by Robert Warf


Cheryl Pappas, interviewed by David Galef

Maria S. Picone, interviewed by Mandira Pattnaik


Tommy Dean’s Hollows, reviewed by David Galef

Desiree Cooper’s Know the Mother, reviewed by Natalie Rowland