Issue 56

Cover art and design by Angie Kang

Issue 56 is the last teenage issue of Vestal Review. In March of 2020, we’ll turn twenty. We’ve been already voting for over a year now. We are almost full-blown adults and will be able to drink legally soon.

The eight stories we present to you in this contentious time for the country and the world are not chosen to entertain or help you to relax or to show off new literary techniques. They are to remind you that there are more things to unite us than to divide. That the people have enough spirit and drive to withstand explosive confrontation and chaos, and to remain human, if not necessarily civil.

If we elect and select the most important reason to read fiction, let’s vote together for that. And let’s drink to that.

Mark Budman

Issue 56 is the last issue Mark Budman and Susan O’Neill co-edited.

Withdrawals by Brian Crawford

In Vitro Veritas by John Salter

Last Bus Tonight by George Choundas

Octopus Love by M. P. McCune

Rock, Paper, Scissors by Tommy Dean

Bring It by Cathy Cruise

Where It’s Gonna Be by Cooper Gelb

Dream Queen by Holly Woodward