Issue 54

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Back in ages past, say 1999, short stories had little competition beyond the struggles of everyday life: novels, magazines, newspapers, TV and inertia. Today they have to compete with a many-headed beast of a truly astronomical size—the social media. That’s a really herculean task.

Flash fiction is shorter, leaner, more nimble than its heavier cousin, the standard short story, so if anything could make it and break through to the reader, it would be flash. The 10 flashes we present to you today are the nimblest and most penetrating of the bunch, selected from over 500 perfectly-formed and distinguished competitors. Among the selection is the winner of the 2018 VERA award, which will celebrate its fifth year in 2019.

Welcome to issue 54. Read it and savor it. The authors worked hard so you would not just enjoy their work, but learn from it and enhance your world.

Mark Budman

Doghearted by Patrick Kindig

When the Cat Died by Melissa Benton Barker

If a Heart Beats in the Nursing Home and No One’s There to See It, Did It Ever Really Beat at All? by Michele Finn Johnson

(LWÓW) (LEMBERG) (LVIV) by Genia Blum

The Woman in the Acequia by Pam Lewis

The Disembodied Life by Andrew Goehring

The Easiest Way to Succeed in Business by Kevin Tasker

The House With Hands by Jonathan Cardew

Like Shit on a Cracker by Claire Guyton

She Is a Battleground by Nancy Au (The VERA 2018 award winner)