Issue 49

16 years plus of publication, 49 online issues, 46 print issues (we started as an online only magazine), and now we are in the middle of a hot, dramatic summer of political discourse and fighting.

Don’t refleeeeect on the evil of the other side and brilliance of yours. Don’t fooollow. Be positive. Be active. Think for yourself. Get up and vote.

Meanwhile, enjoy the seven fabulous stories below, whatever your side is. Flash fiction lives on.



Dorian Gray by Hugh Behm-Steinberg

A Spilled Chalice, An Unfastened Cincture, A Broken Cross by Jan Elman Stout

What They Are Doing by Eric G. Wilson

Door Frames by Julian Edney

Trace by L. N. Holmes

The Short Story of Luis by Thomas Sanfilip

The Bottom of Your Shoe by Michaela Elias