Issue 43


March: lions and lambs. Mysteries that rise, peek, slither, creep to the surface amid the wind and the rain and rag-tag, dying flurries of snow. The steamy, bluesy remnants of a long, hard winter, not quite ready to commit to the inconstant sun.

The stories in this issue of VR are very March: Scar Tissue; The Missing Girl—mysterious, a bit strange. The baffled steam of The InBetween Girl; Soft; Whores. The blues riffs licking at To Send, wailing through Dream Twins. Red Bird—more wounded lion than avis. Only when we reach Retaining Wall do we get a glimpse of the lamb, shaking herself free from a 20-year winter of What If in the harsh new sunlight of…Social Media.

It’s quite the mix. Nuanced, shadow-haunted. Edgy. Weird.

We love it.

We think you will, too.

Happy? March.

Scar Tissue by Amanda Gain

The InBetween Girl by Libby Cudmore

Soft by Michael Don

Retaining Wall by Ann Lightcap Bruno

The Red Bird by James Valvis

To Send by Curtis VanDonkelaar

The Missing Girl by Jacqueline Doyle

Dream Twins by Dean Marshall Tuck

Whores by Susan Tepper