Issue 42


In Web issue 42 of Vestal Review, we present seven flash fiction stories, seven gems of many colors, deep in meaning and flashing with dazzling images.

In Dulcinea del Rio, a Latin American-style magic realism story, appropriately set in Guatemala, the mysterious river alters a couple’s lives.

Come With Me, a tale of passionate love, is much more than implied sexual innuendo.

In The Floorboards Creak, children do not believe in ghosts, but perhaps ghosts believe in children.

In Brit Lit, an important question,“Why does Shelley look like a girl?” turns into subversive activities.

In What Is Said About Elephants, an old man remembers his late wife.

The Tunnel, a story that starts as abduction, turns into something else.

In Isabel, a mistake leads to tragedy, which in turn leads to a new beginning.

Dear reader, we hope you will enjoy the seven gems that sparkle invitingly in the waning days of summer.

Dulcinea del Rio by Gary Leising

The Floorboards Creak by Andrew Herriott

What Is Said About Elephants by Wendell Mayo

Come With Me by Richard Scarsbrook

The Tunnel by Jaclyn Alexander