Issue 29

Issue 29 is an issue of images that we find to be timely in the month of April.  Spring has sprung in the western world and as snow melts, color erupts from the earth; people pass on huddled afternoons and choose walks in the park; giddiness replaces solemnity and pasty complexions. The characters in this issue of Vestal Review all have a little winter inside that they’re trying to escape. Their spring is in the images connected with each work.

Colorful characters, plot, and amazing imagery are the cornerstone of Issue 29. From Dessa Wander ’s Alice, in “Alice Drowning,” who has found herself sea-sick in Nebraska, to a shark named Eric who learns how to fly in Nicholas Salzmann’s “Living in Shades of White,” these characters have found themselves oddly submerged in their daily lives.

Didi Wood’s “Home Again” tells a story of settling, finding comfort in a place that’s second best, and in Erica Adam’s “Trip,” she tells a story of expectations and disappointment with candy flavoring.  In Asya Graf’s story “Black Center, Red Petals,” the fate of an old lover lands hard, but is softened by giving in to loss. In Masha Rumer’s “Faustian Butterfly,” we watch a butterfly metamorphosing into a woman and back.

We hope you’ll allow yourself to be submerged as we were in this month’s flash fiction.

Welcome to Vestal in the spring.

Home Again by Didi Wood

Living in Shades of White by Nicholas J. Salzmann

Black Center, Red Petals by Asya Graf

Faustian Butterfly by Masha Rumer

Trip by Erica Adams

Alice Drowning by Dessa Wander