Issue 28

Dear Reader,

With your help, we are getting into the seventh year of Vestal Review. Seven is the magic number, but when it comes to the life span of a small press magazine, it’s a pure miracle. We just exited the season of miracles, Christmas and Hanukah being two examples of that, but it seems that some of them stretch from one season to another. Granted, flash fiction is a small miracle, told in a few words, but every bit counts. Vestal Review is a free magazine, but we won’t refuse presents, donations or pure oil to help us to support our writers. Buy Amazon gift certificates through us or order Amazon Shorts, and the light of literature may burn a few weeks, er, years, longer.

—Mark Budman

A Story From Our Boyhood by Kevin J. Wilson 

Baby Skin by Chandler Jenrette

Our Father by Bruce McAllister

The Man From The Train by Nicole Walton

What if World by Randall D. Brown