Issue 20

Welcome to Issue 20. We are once again setting our little jewel box on the counter, and this time it sparkles with selection of particularly dark, edgy gems. Granted, we often publish dark, edgy stories; we’ve nominated more than a few for Pushcart and E2Ink awards and, most recently, the Fountain award.

But this time, we’ve exceeded ourselves: it’s all edge, no middle ground. We’re giving you tales of the haunted and the stalked, of sinister secrets, of nasty, misplaced orifices, and of fear. Literal fear.

Disturbing stuff, this.

Read. Enjoy.

Take your Prozac.

Copyright © 2004 Sue O’Neill

The Mouth by Lincoln Michel

Bottom Drawer by Brett Alexander Savory

The Fear That Kills by Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Parting Ways by Randall DeVallance

The Story of You by Justine Wilson