Vestal Review is an awesome literary journal, one that does the work of angels when it comes to short short fiction. A national treasure. Find it. Read it. Now.

—Steve Almond

Launched in 2000, Vestal Review is the longest-running flash fiction magazine on Earth—and perhaps the Milky Way. Past contributors include Steve Almond, Aimee Bender, Sam Lipsyte, Judith Cofer, Robert Boswell, Bruce Holland Rogers, Stuart Dybek, Robert Olen Butler, Pamela Painter, and many others. Our stories have been reprinted in numerous anthologies and selected for Wigleaf Top 50 many times. Here is an ongoing list of our awards.

We encourage underrepresented writers to send us their stories. We’re eclectic in style and open to all genres. And since we believe in supporting our authors, we pay $75 to contributors. We also publish reviews and interviews.

Vestal Review is one the best flash fiction magazines in the world. It originated so many things—so many great stories have been between its covers. And no doubt, with Vestal, more of the best is to come. May it thrive.

—Robert Shapard

Vestal Review exists in part because of your support. Our $3 reading fee covers what we pay our authors, what we pay our staff, and what we owe for operating expenses. Our content is free, but running a magazine costs money. We would greatly appreciate any contribution you can offer. Thank you for your generosity!

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